Light and Shine 2030+

True Light Centenary Redevelopment Campaign

For over 150 years, our School, founded in 1872 in Guangzhou, and established in Hong Kong in 1935, has provided an excellent and holistic Christian education where students are given an optimal environment and encouraged to strive for their best. Over the years, True Light has nurtured countless outstanding alumni who shine in different places around the world, serving the community and contributing to the betterment of the country. Today, The True Light Middle School of Hong Kong is a vibrant community of 2,000 students, comprising of a kindergarten, a primary and a secondary section.

 Our Mission

True Light places preeminent emphasis on fostering students’ moral character and is committed to upholding the school motto “You are the Light of the World“.  As a school with a long history, True Light not only preserves its excellent traditions but also keeps pace with the times and is courageous in innovating and reforming. The School is committed to providing the best education where our students embrace the school principles of building and creating, loving and serving the community, exhibiting self-discipline and sacrifice, and striving for excellence.

The Challenge

Having housed the kindergarten and primary school since 1955, we now have a building that has seen 70 years of service and is confronted with significant and costly maintenance. Moreover, the campus complex layout and its facilities have failed to meet the evolving needs of our students. Compounded by the issue of inadequate classroom space, the auditorium, sports ground, and gymnasium are stretched beyond capacity, and shared amongst the student body from all three sections. These critical issues underscore the urgent need for a comprehensive redevelopment to uphold and advance our educational mission.

Building for the Future

To meet these challenges, we are excited to announce the launch of our ambitious True Light Centenary Redevelopment Campaign.

Our vision is to breathe new life into our campus by demolishing the aging structures and constructing a state-of-the-art 8-story building. This new edifice will not only house sufficient and strategically organized classrooms but also foster connections between people and spaces. Features like the grand staircase will encourage interactions, while barrier-free access ensures that our school is welcoming to all.

The new building is designed with the future in mind, supporting a multitude of disciplines. It will be a hub where students can acquire digital knowledge, foster cognitive development, hone social skills, and appreciate music and art, nurturing global awareness. Beyond academics, the space will be a crucible for developing leadership, curiosity, creativity, well-being, motivation, and collaboration.

We fully understand that the success of the True Light Centenary Redevelopment Campaign hinges on extensive support and contributions. As we approach the centennial of True Light’s foundation in Hong Kong, we extend our deepest gratitude to our heavenly Father for guiding us on the journey of the redevelopment project. While we recognize the challenges in cultivating support for such a bold initiative, our commitment to engaging with our potential benefactors and leveraging our broad network of alumni, both locally and globally, remains steadfast.

With a heart full of gratitude, we invite you to join hands with us, to be part of this legacy of enlightenment. Your support is more than a contribution; it is a beacon that will light the way for generations of True Light bearers to come.

May we all be inspired to carry the torch of True Light with pride, and may its glow reach far into 2030 and beyond, a shining symbol of our collective aspirations and dreams.

For enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Principal Hui Tuen Yung at 2577 3368 or email

Additional information about the Project

Anticipated Timeline (Tentative)

The Redevelopment Project is expected to be completed by mid-2030. The projected key milestones include:

  • Finalizing design and tender process: 2024-2026
  • Demolition of existing structures and foundation work: 2026-2028
  • Construction of the new building and interior outfitting: 2028-2030
  • Inauguration of the new campus: Mid-2030

Financial Budget

The total projected budget for the Redevelopment Project stands at $600 million.

Naming Opportunities for Major Gifts

In sincere appreciation of significant gifts, we are pleased to offer major donors the honor of having their contributions recognized through various naming opportunities and dedications.










  • 現代化的教室和特別室,配備最新教學科技。
  • 多功能活動空間,以支持學生的藝術與文化發展。
  • 擴大的運動設施,鼓勵學生參與體育活動,培養團隊精神。
  • 綠化休憩區,為學生提供一個寧靜的學習和交流環境。
  • 加入無障礙設計,確保校園的每個角落都能安全、方便地到達。


如有垂詢,請致電2577 3368或電郵許端蓉校長聯絡。



  • 重建計劃預計於2030年中旬完工。主要進度如下:
  • 2024-26年:完成設計方案及進行招標
  • 2026-28年:進行舊建築拆除與地基施工
  • 2028-30年:新建築施工及內部裝修
  • 2030年:進行系統測試及正式啟用






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