We are True Light Athletes
Sports spice up a student’s life and light up an athlete’s passion. Determined to promote a sports culture at True Light, the eight sports teams shine light on dedicated students to discover and develop their strengths and passions in ‘Archery’, ‘Athletics’, ‘Badminton’, ‘Basketball’, ‘Cross Country’, ‘Life-saving’, ‘Swimming’ and ‘Table Tennis’.
Competitions promote sportsmanship. Wearing the school team outfit, every team member is granted lots of opportunities to showcase their talents in different HKSSF arenas. True sacrifices have to be made to go a second faster or an inch farther, but it is our tears and sweat that give victory its luster. Each of our team members bears a lifelong commitment to compete with courage, cultivate friendships with candor and celebrate teamwork with candidness. Hesitate no more to be a True Light Bearer! Let’s rise and shine together.