Facing the ever-changing situation of the 21st century, our school aims to nurture a new generation of fine young ladies who are devoted to God, love others, and have a strong sense of commitment and responsibility to our community, nation and the world. As such, the curriculum design of our school has the following characteristics:

Emphasis is placed on the “moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual” education for the whole-person development of our students to help them be able to enrich other people’s lives.

Autonomy is given to our students to explore, create and construct their own knowledge in the learning and teaching process to help them become learners who are prudent, eager to learn and determined in taking action.

Life-wide learning experiences are provided, in addition to a formal curriculum, to raise students’ awareness of the needs and realities of their time, and always work for the betterment of the environment.

Whole-school Language Policy

As an EMI school, we conduct all lessons in English (excluding Chinese Language, Chinese History, Putonghua, Religious Studies and Life Education). Apart from that, we also emphasize the teaching of Chinese Language and Putonghua. Through the NET scheme, English Centre(Tesseract), Junior Literacy Programme, Drama curriculum, English Week, Putonghua Week and study tours outside Hong Kong, we hope that our students can be proficient in biliterate and trilingual communication for better study and life.