Located on the second floor of the main building, the School Library, also known as “Ho Kan Yu Heng Library”, was renovated in 2014 as a part of the “True Light Oasis”. The design of “True Light Oasis” comprises four elements, including (1) diversity – attending to the needs of different learning modes; (2) flexibility – making changes in accordance to different situations; (3) connectivity – using spatial restructuring to facilitate seamless learning and conducting cross-curricular learning via technology and network application; and (4) ingenuity – designing the “Oasis” from the perspective of users so that students can enjoy an interactive learning process. All in all, the “True Light Oasis” was constructed with the aim to keep teaching and learning in line with changes and to enhance students’ learning outcomes. 

After the renovation, the traditional library bookshelves have been turned into a ribbon-like design, bringing students into a continuous stretch of the Source of Knowledge. In addition, the Library provides different kinds of digital tools, in the hope that this will enable students to understand our society and open their eyes to the whole world through the advanced facilities. The central part of the Library can also be a venue for holding different activities to arouse students’ interest in seeking knowledge. Besides, the Library has four group study rooms where students can carry out group discussions, encouraging active, investigative and collaborative learning. 

The School Library has assembled a collection of books, magazines and CDsDVDs, most of which are displayed on open shelves. English books are arranged by subject according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System, and Chinese books are classified by Yung-Hsiang Lai’s New Classification Scheme for Chinese Libraries. As of August 2021, the School Library has a total collection of more than 19,000 volumes divided as follows:

1. Lending Collections

  • Chinese books

  • English books

  • CRS (Chinese Extensive Reading Scheme)

  • ERS (English Extensive Reading Scheme)

  • SBA ( F/NF books for School-based Assessment)

  • Examination question paper books

  • Reference Collections

2. Non-book Materials

  • Magazines

  • CDs & DVDs

3. e-Reading

  • Britannica LaunchPacks

True Light Readers 《真光讀書人》

True Light Readers is a publication of the library. It is published twice a year in autumn and summer. Students and teachers share good books, reading experiences and report library activities in each issue.

True Light Readers 01
True Light Readers 02
True Light Readers 03
True Light Readers 04
True Light Readers 05
True Light Readers 06
True Light Readers 07
True Light Readers 08
True Light Readers 09
True Light Readers 10
True Light Readers 11
YouTube Channel: Library TLMSHK

To us, reading is not only about reading books but also sharing the joy of reading and exploring the sea of books together. Our YouTube Channel aims to provide a platform for Truelighters to dive into the reading culture and inspire each other with the ideas from the books. You can definitely be amazed by the books recommended by our students and teachers and the in-depth sharing.