Know God and Make Him Known – “Wellcation” Highlights

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The fifth wave of Covid-19 has brought us a special holiday which gave us the opportunity not just to live well and learn, but also to know God and make Him known. Group games, Bible study and leadership training were held online to make the most out of the “Wellcation”.

April Fools’ Escape Game
Over 50 S1 students had so much fun with this escape game led by the student fellowship committee members on April Fools’ Day. The game was designed to reflect on self-esteem and appreciate oneself in God’s eyes. Students had a great time sharing deep feelings after the game and encountered God in prayer.

Brunch Club – Online Bible Study
What does the Bible say about food? The Brunch Club is a group of hungry students who are eager to learn about Bible stories related to food or drinks. During the holiday we studied three stories from the Gospel of John closely and were filled up with the inspiring word of God.

Campus Transformer – Retreat & Training
We are very grateful for our student leaders who have been serving the Lord full of devotion. A retreat and training session was held online for these faithful servants to get recharged and equipped for the service of the Lord.

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