English Week was held from March 11-14. The theme this year was “Embracing Our Differences”. This theme was chosen because it is important to let our students understand that our differences make us unique. By celebrating our differences, we can build a better and more inclusive world for all.

During English Week, S1 to S3 students embarked on various projects. S1 students created their own creative speech, titled “I Have Forgiven you”, to enter the Creative Speech Competition hosted by HKedCity. Their speeches were written from the perspective of famous people who were bullied due to their appearance. This task allowed students to step into the shoes of these victims and to practice empathy. They even had a live creative speech performance in the library during lunch time. S2 students designed their own “My Pledge to Act” videos. For the project, students chose one of the seventeen United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to create their own authentic video explaining what they could do to improve this SDG. We had a viewing premier at Tesseract and students got to showcase their creative and meaningful videos. S3 students created their own “Acts of Kindness Bingo” and even got to compete in an inter-class relay at lunch. They competed in the “Acts of Kindness Bingo” by going around the school to perform random acts of kindness for their fellow schoolmates.

On March 13, we invited Tina, Rog and Mui Thomas, the family behind “The Girl Behind the Face Initiative”, to visit our school to do a sharing on what it means to embrace our differences. Mui Thomas was born with Harlequin Ichthyosis so it makes her skin appear in thick plate-like scales. She has been bullied online severely due to how she looks. Her sharing with her family teaches our students a valuable lesson on what it means to have respect, be kind and to have the courage to stand up for what is right. The sharing was inspiring and informative, filled with compelling content that is unique to their family’s own journey. The whole student body enjoyed it a lot.