We are thrilled to present the “Inspiring Girls @True Light” programme in collaboration with Inspiring Girls Hong Kong.  Our mission is to empower S4-S5 girls, enabling them to shatter stereotypes and pursue their dreams with confidence.  This programme provides unique opportunities to learn from inspirational role models, expand professional networks, find mentors, and gain hands-on experience at leading companies.

On January 15, 2024, we hosted two successful workshops centered on self-discovery, values, self-confidence, and speedy networking with professionals across various fields including physiotherapy, law, architecture, marketing, biotechnology, and human resources. Our girls engaged in inspiring discussions with role models, delving into their successful life stories and gaining valuable insights into diverse careers.

In the upcoming workshop, girls will have the chance to choose a role model for an online chat, further igniting their inspiration and guidance.  We are eager to witness our students’ ongoing inspiration and motivation as they pursue their aspirations.