From 7 to 21 November 2023, students of all forms were invited to a special spiritual experience that made them feel connected and welcomed in the family of God. The school chapel was again transformed into a peaceful place for students to reflect and connect with God. They were encouraged to express their thoughts, emotions and gratitude through art, music and writing. This immersive experience had a deep impact on many students, and some were even moved to tears by the overwhelming love of God.

The climax of the Evangelical Fortnight was the drama show held on the last day. The school worked together with Methodist Evangelical Ministry to bring a powerful story that touched the hearts of the audience. Exciting worship music accompanied the performance, and students were given the chance to receive God’s love.

Members of the Student Christian Fellowship were fully dedicated and enthusiastic in spreading the message of the gospel.  They share their devotion to God and His family through beautiful music of worship busking, as well as, screening of the popular animation, Spy x Family. They also connect with others and have important conversations about faith and spirituality during a fellowship trial. Additionally, a special morning prayer session allowed students to share their personal stories of faith, inspiring and encouraging each other.

We hope these activities mark a fresh start in everyone’s relationship with God. We invite you to join the Sky Family and immerse into the love of God. Let’s embrace our faith and create incredible experiences together!