On November 6, 2023 (Monday), our school campus hosted an exciting Alumni Sharing event exclusively for our S5-6 students.  Sixteen alumni from diverse programmes, including business, engineering with AI, architectural studies, social work, occupational therapy, and nursing, shared their experiences and insights.

The event was filled with lively discussions as students asked thoughtful questions and sought guidance from the alumni.  They delved into topics such as admission requirements, course content, and career development, gaining a better understanding of life after graduation.  The interactive sessions sparked inspiration and empowered our students to make informed decisions about their future academic endeavors.  The alumni’s stories of overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities left a lasting impact on the students, encouraging them to pursue their passions with confidence.

“Alongside my studies and internships, I am an Executive Committee member of the Law Association and actively participate in Hall teams.  It’s important to gain exposure to different industries during secondary school.  Joining a job shadowing programme and engaging in conversations with people from diverse backgrounds can help with this.  Watching YouTube vlogs can also be a great way to explore lifestyles you may have never considered.  While studies should be a priority, I encourage you not to give up your interests and extracurricular activities, as now is the best time to develop skills and pursue passions.  Remember, you can work hard whenever needed, but you can only fully enjoy life when you are young and energetic.” – Jess Hong, Class of 2021

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the insightful alumni sharing on November 6.  Despite their hectic schedules, the alumni willingly shared their journeys with us, providing valuable learning tips and comprehensive details about their degree programmes.  The alumni from the nursing faculty encouraged us not to be disheartened by our academic results and inspired us to pursue our passions.  Another alumni from the sports faculty highlighted how our school and the university supported her dreams of participating in various lifesaving sports competitions.  Knowing that there are many people standing by my side, I am deeply encouraged as I embark on my own DSE journey.” – Hazel Chan, S5D

“When selecting a university programme, it’s important to consider more than just rankings and reputation.  The university’s culture is also significant.  Alumni experiences have taught me the value of a balanced development that includes academics and extracurricular activities.  As an active student, finding a university with a compatible culture will align with my goals and ensure a fulfilling college experience.  Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully consider these factors and make an informed decision.” – Gisela Au, S6C

Overall, the Alumni Sharing event was an invaluable experience.  We are grateful to our alumni for their participation and mentorship, as they have truly made a significant impact on the lives of our students.