Captivating Journey into the World of Healthcare

The exclusive visit to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital on October 18, 2023 was an extraordinary opportunity that ignited our students’ passion for the medical field.  With firsthand experiences and intimate encounters with dedicated professionals, this event transcended the boundaries of traditional learning.  From a warm welcome and enlightening introductions to captivating department visits and interactive demonstrations, every moment was meticulously designed to inspire and broaden their horizons.  The event culminated in a reflective sharing session, where students eagerly voiced their profound insights and cherished memories.  This unforgettable visit left an indelible mark, nurturing empathy and fostering aspirations for a future in healthcare.

Excerpts from student reflections:

“One experience that left a lasting impression on me was witnessing a demonstration of minimally invasive surgery. The doctor made it look effortless as they skillfully manipulated the tiny model and placed it in the correct position. However, when I attempted it myself, I struggled to even clamp it properly and eventually ended up flipping it away! It made me realize that something that appears simple actually requires doctors to invest a significant amount of practice time to perform such procedures with precision and without errors. I deeply admire the dedication of every medical professional.”5C14 LOU TSZ MIU

“After the sharing, I remember we also got involved in a tour to the emergency room, in which I saw a life-and-death situation in reality. Everything escalated greatly as the vital signs of a patient suddenly turned critical. In a blink of an eye, there were about five doctors and nurses surrounding him, some were doing CPR, some were injecting medicine. They did not say anything but I can literally feel their caring hearts through their rapid actions.” – 5D04 CHAU CHING NAM

“Listening to the professionals’ sharing was invaluable in shaping my university programmes and future career choices. I realized that being a doctor is not just about a high salary, but it also requires empathy and care for patients. Doctors are like superheroes, providing hope to patients in their times of need. I understand that bearing such a heavy responsibility is not an easy task. This visit provided me with a full insight into the hospital’s atmosphere and has encouraged me to pursue my dream of working in the medical industry.”5D10 KAM HOI LAM

For more detailed accounts and insights, please refer to the attached document.