The theme of the library for the year 2023-24 is ‘Reading and Travelling – A Journey of Discovery’. In October, the library organized an exhibition of souvenirs and travel books related to the theme. The souvenirs were provided by the teachers and students of our school. The opening event of the exhibition was a sharing session by Ms. Au Po Man and Mr. Martin Li. They shared their stories of the souvenirs they collected during their travels to Japan and Iceland respectively. Their stories were inspiring and touching, and all the participants were amazed and inspired by their experiences. To make the exhibition more attractive to the students, a Q&A game was organized, and if the students answered all the questions correctly, they had a chance to win a book coupon.

Our principal, Ms Hui, and our Chemistry teacher, Mr Mok, supported the event by donating their souvenirs for the exhibition. We hope that such initiatives will continue to be organized in the future and that more students will be inspired to read and explore the world