Embarking on a captivating mainland trip to Huizhou (惠州), 83 Form 5 students and 9 teachers, accompanied by Yazhou Travel Service Ltd. (亞洲旅行社有限公司), experienced a memorable and remarkable journey. Sponsored by the Education Bureau, this two-day excursion on 12-13 July 2023 offered a unique opportunity to explore innovative technologies and allowed students to immerse in the local cultural experiences. The trip has proven to be an extraordinary success, leaving an indelible and wonderful impression on our students and teachers. Join us as we venture into Huizhou’s world of innovation and vibrant cultural exploration.

Our adventure commenced at the Hong Kong West Kowloon High-Speed Rail Station, where we assembled before embarking on a high-speed train bound for Huizhou. Our first destination led us to Mingshang Technology Co.,Ltd (名商科技有限公司), a distinguished national high-tech enterprise specialising in automotive electronic safety auxiliary system solutions. This company excels in research, development, sales, and after-sales services, earning recognition as a top innovator in China.

Continuing our exploration, we visited Huizhou Engineering vocational college (惠州工程職業學院), where the Dean of Intelligent Engineering Institute, Zhou Jun, enlightened us about the increasing application of information technology. This surge in innovation has propelled the rise of prominent companies such as Xiaomi, Tencent, and Huawei, underscoring the pivotal role of technological advancements in China. Moreover, it has spurred the establishment of numerous engineering colleges, signifying the profound impact of technology on educational institutions.

In the afternoon, we immersed ourselves in local life by strolling through Shuidong Street (水東街). Here, we indulged in the aromatic flavours of local delicacies and absorbed the vibrant atmosphere of the community.

The second day unveiled the splendours of Huizhou’s West Lake (惠州西湖) and the ancient city (惠州古城牆), both steeped in historical significance. These cherished sites had played pivotal roles in disaster prevention and military defence, captivating visitors with their breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage. To preserve their historical and cultural significance, the local authorities have transformed the remaining ancient city walls and West Lake into a marvelous tourist attraction. Through the integration of virtual reality games and convenient transportation options, Huizhou’s unique blend of mountainous landscapes and picturesque lakes is accentuated, generating economic revenue for the region. Informative display panels within the scenic area shed light on Huizhou’s history, architectural marvels of the ancient city, and important artifacts, deepening our appreciation for the city’s geographical significance and cultural value.

Our final destination took us to the industrial area within the Tonghu Ecological and Smart Zone (潼湖生態智慧區), which was centered around the Tonghu Wetland. This thriving region has attracted diverse foreign investment projects, including the Sino-Korean (Huizhou) Industrial Park (中韓(惠州)產業園). These initiatives provided a conducive environment for investment and development, fostering stable economic cooperation and sustainable growth.

All in all, Huizhou stands as a pivotal city within the dynamic Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration. In recent years, the city has made remarkable strides in innovative technology, actively promoting transformation and upgrading. Through the establishment of dynamic industrial ecosystems and strategic partnerships with industries, research institutions, and universities, Huizhou has enhanced the quality of life for its residents while contributing to the nation’s rapid growth and influence.

This awe-inspiring tour made a profound impression on students by broadening their perspectives and inspiring a sense of passion to champion constructive transformations within our communities. The valuable exposure and experiences gained by the students are truly priceless and will be cherished for years to come.