Since October 2022, around 30 Form 4 students have been participating in an event organised by the SideBySide (善導會) called “Beat Drugs@Mock Trial” (禁毒教育@模擬法庭), which is a mock trial competition focusing on drug education. Through the participation in the interactive mock trial competitions and educational programs, our students are given the chance of understanding justice and the rule of law through an experiential learning model. Students experienced the whole process of trial, roleplaying as the prosecution and defence counsels, the accused and witnesses. By approaching criminal behaviours and associated societal issues from diverse perspectives, students can delve deeper into these topics and engage in discussions. This can also help them reflect on the relationship between themselves and society.

After the activity, our Form 4 students reflect that they have developed a positive attitude towards challenges and problem solving and would be able to work effectively in teams to achieve common goals. They also formed a deeper understanding of the rule of law, justice and civil responsibility, and felt that they would be able to think critically about complex issues. Additionally, they have acquired a heightened awareness of the consequences of drug-related crimes, and would be able to apply this knowledge to crime prevention in their communities.