English Week 2023 returned with full force after three years of restrictions. The theme of this year was “Revere the Rebel Girls”. Rebel Girls are extraordinary women who are able to create, invent or stir change in an area that they do not traditionally excel in. Therefore, “Rebel Girls” represent all of us, paying respect to inspirational women throughout history, from past to present.

Early in the month, we had the privilege to see Yayoi Kusama’s artwork up close and personal in our own school hall. After the showcase, we’ve created a TLMSHK Kusama Fanpage on Facebook where the whole student body could write comments about their favorite piece and explain what makes Kusama inspiring.

Then came the main event, during the period of March 17-22, S1-S3 students engaged in different activities that highlighted famous and inspirational women. In S1, students were inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s art so they created a fashion show, “Fashion Manifestos”. They created pieces of clothing inspired by Kusama by using environmentally friendly materials. They also created slogans that empower women to showcase during their catwalk.

For S2, students embarked on a “Quest to Empowerment” where participants took part in a scavenger hunt competition. A collection of famous female’s profiles from other EMI subject teachers was used in the scavenger hunt as well. Through the scavenger hunt, they learnt about the accomplishments of different famous women.

In S3, students got to play dress up in their “Famous Failures” rebel girls showcase. Each S3 student selected a rebel girl of their choice and conducted research on her personal struggles, failures and experiences. Students then dressed up as this rebel girl to do a 1-minute dramatized presentation.

For the English Week hall assembly, students showcased several dramatized poems from Rupi Kaur on female empowerment. Language Prefects and actresses from our English Drama Group also performed short skits to show how the role of women has changed throughout history.

All in all, our English Week was a success filled with valuable memories. We can’t wait to see what is in store for us in the next academic year!