On 13th March, an online exchange activity was held with our sister school, Guangzhou True Light School (廣州市真光學校).

Our students happily shared their colorful school life, including different kinds of in-school and extra-curricular activities. Students from Guangzhou True Light School also introduced their school to us, which is a school distinguished by a special Chinese architectural style.

Besides, we discussed True Light’s special dressing gown, Cheongsam (also known as Qipao). Cheongsam is the school uniform we wear every day, while it is only worn on special occasions by the Guangzhou True Light School students; for example, at the opening and closing ceremonies of the school semester.

Students from both sides introduced their learning journey and also the Form Association. Not only can we see all of them responding actively, but also their enjoyment of knowing more about each other’s school experience.

We are looking forward to further exchange activities with our sister schools.