The Life Education Team believes drama is a great tool to let students experience and explore the complexities and facets of life as drama is an art form inspired by life.

Take  PLAY-READING at Tesseract

On January 18, 2023 an immersive experiential learning of life and death was conducted through reading the play “Alive in the Mortuary (留守太平間)” by Chong Mui Ngam in Cantonese. With two covered corpses lying on long tables, Tesseract was turned into a mortuary. Led by Drama teachers, teacher-advisors of the Life Education Team, and an alumnus studying medicine at CUHK, ten Secondary Four students read aloud the play, followed by a constructive discussion about the themes of the story: life, death, aspirations and expectations.

Take  PLAY-CREATING for the Hong Kong Creative Drama Festival

Instructed by Drama teachers and teacher-advisors of the Life Education Team, 3A Chang Hei Ting and 2C Ho Po Yi created and acted a short scene using the quote “有朋自遠方來,不亦樂乎?” from Confucius’s “The Analects (論語). The 4-hour intensive play-creating session was an unforgettable experience to help them understand the endless trial and error is a must in the process of learning. Not sure if their short scene can win a prize in the Hong Kong Creative Drama Festival 2023, but for sure this play-creating session will inspire them to reflect on their own learning.

The Life Education Team will continue to organize drama-related events in the future so as to promote life education through the art form.