The theme of this year’s Reading Week was Reading and Nature. On the first day, we started with a concert – Listen to Nature, in which we invited musicians to play music with clay flute and paddy flute. 

On the second day, a book fair and a booth of nature objects were set up during lunchtime. Collectors brought nature objects, such as feathers, animal bones, leaves, seeds, etc., to share with the students. Books related to the topic were also displayed. After school, there was a campus tour – Making Nature Friends. The instructors led the students through True Light kindergarten, primary and secondary schools to discover animals, plants, and creatures around us, but they have yet to be discovered. For example, students found a bird’s nest, a mimosa, and a small plant growing inside a shell. The participants were amazed that there were so many friends of nature on our campus that we had not noticed. 

On the third day, a bookmark-making workshop was held during lunchtime, and all the students participated enthusiastically and made beautiful bookmarks. 

The book fair lasted until the fourth day and ended on parents’ day. Both students and parents bought their favourite books. 

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