On December 15, 2022 (Thursday), Miss So Yuk Wa were invited by the Aesthetic Department to run Sharing sessions to share her acting life and experiences to our Secondary 6 students.  The interactive sessions helped our current students to understand the reality and challenges in the movie industry. Our S6 students enjoyed the time a lot and here come the reflections from our S6 student:

Ms. So is one of the adults I have ever met with a very progressive attitude. Her sharing with us is like a life education lesson. Her answers to all our questions are in depth and encouraging with the warmest words.

The life of an artist could be exceptionally exhausting and stressful. Ms. So, however, doubted the statement, “It is never easy for an artist to make a living in Hong Kong.” True, the fluid nature of the actress’s career might make their income unstable. But I guess what led to Ms. So’s success is her staunch passion and hard work, and on top of that, resilience. She strives and believes in her own passion and talents. While life is full of ups and downs, never could we predict the result, but we can always choose our own way and attitude towards uncertainties.

Ms. So’s sharing has deepened my understanding of the word “discipline”. Self-discipline does not necessarily mean strictly demanding yourself to be the best, but encouraging yourself to do the best of your ability. Being an experienced and skilled actress, Ms. So has high demands on herself, yet with a good understanding of herself, she boosts herself in a reasonable way and values every success and failure as a lesson to learn and fuel her to become a better self.

“No one is perfect.” “You just have to be gentler to yourself sometimes”. We have always been spurred by the fast-paced society and the grade-fixation education system. With the fear of being left behind, we might push ourselves too hard sometimes. It is not easy to get over failures. Ms. So’s words remind us how important being resilient is.

To me, success seems to be fixated on good grades, entering a good university, having a decent job and thus living a prosperous life, while Ms. So showed me a different pathway of life. She has been a curious and passionate learner, urging herself to experience more. In fact, she first discovered her potential in acting in an extra-curricular activity when she was in secondary school.

As a form six student, academic results are definitely one of my chief concerns. Yet, Ms. So’s sharing brought a whole new vision to all of us: We all have our own talents, and all we have to do is to dig out our potential while honing our skills so as to polish our life and shine in our own unique way.

Success hinges on nothing but one’s attitude. This is one of the clichés most often said by parents and teachers. Yet, I realized the impact of these words when seeing a real example in front of me —- Ms. So.

Ms. So has impressed me as a tough and powerful leader, while at the same time, warm and gentle, always staying open-minded and curious. Her attitude, beyond doubt, is worth learning from and applicable in any career and stage of life.

We thank Ms. So for coming to our school and taking all our questions seriously. She is surely an influential educator and actress. ~ 6C Chan Sin Chi