Round Trip is one of the most important and highly anticipated school events in True Light Middle School of Hong Kong. Every year in mid-November, we will open our school gate and welcome potential students, parents and honorable guests into our beloved cradle of light, knowledge and God’s grace.  It is a rapturous day of inquiry, discovery and jubilation.

With spirited enthusiasm and exuberant excitement, almost all Form 2 and many senior students signed up to help in the round trip proactively. All helpers and teachers were incredibly friendly to every visitor and they patiently answered every question from them. They introduce different activity rooms such as the STEAM room, which showcases lots of innovative inventions made by the creative students, an indoor heated swimming pool and a well-equipped gymnasium. I am delighted to hear lots of parents showing appreciation towards our well-organized school campus with great facilities. Furthermore, our school’s students prepared two marvelous musical performances to welcome all the visitors. Many visitors were impressed by the wonderful performances and gave positive responses to us! Moreover, after listening to the detailed introduction of our school by our principal, Miss Hui, visitors know more about TrueLight’s academic achievements and numerous awards in various fields. In addition, It was an absolute pleasure to be given an opportunity to share my awesome school life and joy in Truelight with all visitors as a MC. It was truly a rewarding experience to participate in this amazing event. 

This year’s True Light Round Trip has come to a fruitful end. A heartfelt thank you to all students, visitors and parents who have contributed to making this event a tremendous success. To all potential visitors and helpers next year, do not miss it!

I am looking forward to seeing you in the round trip next year!