The Annual S1-S3 Interclass Spellbulary Tournament was held last week from Oct 18 to 20 at the Tesseract. We were all so excited to have this event return to the school grounds after doing it on Zoom for the past few years. Needless to say, all the students had a lot of fun!

The purpose of this tournament is to arouse students’ interests in English activities by engaging them in an entertaining but competitive spelling bee. Students can prepare for the Spellbulary tournament by revising vocabulary items from EMI subjects like English, Science, Geography and History. The highlight of the tournament was incorporating the educational trivial game called, ‘Freerice”. Every question our students answered correctly raised 10 grains of rice for the World Food Programme (WFP). The best part of the whole tournament was that students could have fun while doing meaningful charity work at the same time!

You can give the Freerice platform a try too! Log on to and join our True Light’s Spellbulary Group, J3ANYZQU. Have fun!