Round Trip in True Light – Introduction to Our School and S1 Discretionary Places

There will be two briefing sessions, covering the same content in the morning. There are a limited number of spaces available, and online registration is first-come, first-served. Please first download “The GULU” app for registration. Successful applicants will receive a confirmation QR code. Relevant information of the briefing session will be uploaded on the school’s website after the event.


本年度簡介會於上午舉行,分為兩節(內容相同)。參加人士須預先下載“The GULU” 應用程式登記報名,額滿即止。成功報名者將以二維碼確認申請。未能參加簡介會之家長,日後仍可以透過學校網頁取得相關資料。

Online Registration QR code




Those who signed up for Guided Tours have to install The Zello app on your mobile phone in advance, and bring along your earphones. Those who fail to do so will not be able to join the tour, and the quota will be given to other guests.

If there are remaining vacancies on the day, parents can register on-site on a first-come, first-served basis until the quota is full.