The New School Website Team, consisting of devoted students and supportive teachers, have been working intensely with the Director in the last few months. We were shooting video clips and photographs for our New Website. Despite the hard work, we all enjoyed this invaluable and marvellous experience!

Behind the Scene

4A Choi Shui Yan:
It’s a great experience. Working with classmates while taking and retaking photos a couple of times during the photo shooting allows me to learn to be more patient. I’m glad that the school gave me this opportunity and let me create these wonderful memories at True Light through the shooting.

4A Ho Shu Wing:
It’s an unforgettable experience for me as this photo shooting was really fun!! There was a joyful atmosphere which made the whole shooting process become a good time for all, I love that.

4B Hui Alison Ka Yung:
Usually I don’t have a big interest in shooting and I will be very nervous in front of the camera, but this shooting is unexpectedly relaxing and interesting. So I really enjoyed the experience.

4C Gee Richelle Melanie:
Ecstatically over the moon to have been invited and be a part of this fruitful journey with much mirth; boisterous laughter and eye-opening knowledge regarding the filmmaking learnt.

4C Lee Hoi Yi:
My schoolmates and I all found pleasure in shooting photos for the school website. It was such a great experience for me.

4C Ng Hok Yan Priscilla:
! 不得不讚是整個拍攝團隊都非常專業,以及同學們都非常投入拍攝中。今次拍攝了學校不同的角落,雖然很多地方是常去的,但今次拍攝的過程卻令我有另一種體會,令我重新觀察這美麗的地方

4C Tsang Kam Yan:
Video shooting is so much fun! I’ll always keep this experience in mind!

4D Chan Kai Yan:
It was very enjoyable. I am very honoured to be able to participate in this video- filming activity; the process was not easy yet unforgettable.

4D Chan Yuet Wah:
Got a taste of shooting, so cool!

4D Chow Yan Lui:
I’m glad to have a chance for taking part in the photo shooting. I know more about the school and it’s an enjoyable time spent with our classmates and teachers. Every one helps me a lot. Thanks.

4D Wong Ching:
During this summer vacation, I was asked to help in photo shooting for the school website. For me, this was a really good experience, I have learnt a lot from it, and know that shooting is really not easy. Not only the director, cameraman or even the PA were very exhausted, but also the crew carried a lot of heavy equipment —– all of us were sweating a lot! Although it was tiring, I did enjoy a great deal. There was much fun around us, which turned my boring summer holiday into a more interesting one. Hope when the end product comes out, everyone will like it. Again, thank you for all the teachers and the crew team who help us to film!! Thank you so much!!🤗🤗🤗

Ms. Elsa Lai Lik Yee:
Mickey’s personality and the professional contribution of his shooting crew have perfectly captured the web of connections between spaces, talents and interactions at True Light, and at the same time ignited our passion. This new WEB site is a place Where Everybody Belongs!

Ms. Li Yuk Wah:
Thank God for giving us good weather on most of the shooting days, for letting us know such a talented crew to take many great shots, and above all, thank all the teachers and students who can cooperate and work together to achieve the task. 


Ms. Ng Sze Man:
Constructing our new school website is one of the arduous tasks for me in True Light.
Nevertheless, God has granted me:
A team of professional crew with distinguished efficiency and competency; Devoted, passionate and cheerful students; Team members who work in sync with me.
Ultimately, this collaboration generates an impressive and remarkable experience for me.
Glory to my Heavenly Father 🙏🏻

Mr. Mickey Kong (Director):

Making of…