The International Chemistry Quiz (ICQ) organized by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute is a world-renowned chemistry competition. Approximately 120,000 candidates from 15 countries and districts participated in the quiz in the past year. Each participant had to attempt 30 challenging multiple-choice questions at a chosen level to compete for awards. This year, our students received a number of awards, which include 4 Credits, 10 Distinctions and 2 High Distinctions. Congratulations! The list of awardees is shown below:

Class Class No. Name Level Attempted (Year) Award
4D 18 LOUIE HO CHING 7,8 Credit
4D 16 LEUNG YI SUM 7,8 Distinction
4D 28 YEUNG OI YING 7,8 Distinction
4C 30 YIU LOK HEI 7,8 Distinction
4C 5 CHUNG TSAM NING 7,8 High Distinction
4C 8 KO MAN HEI MAVIS 7,8 High Distinction
6D 15 LAM HOI KIU 11 Credit
6C 14 LIU LOK CHIN CHLOE 11 Credit
6D 9 CHUA SUET YAU 11 Distinction
6C 7 IP CHEUK YAU 11 Distinction
LEE TSZ CHING 11 Distinction
6C 14 LEUNG WING MAN 11 Distinction
6D 22 SIU HO YUET 11 Distinction
6D 26 WONG YU SEE PATSY 11 Distinction
6D 27 YIU CHEUK KI BELINDA 11 Distinction