I gained a lot of aviation experience by participating in the Aerosim Inter-School Aviation Tournament 2022, which broadens my horizon. The Aerosim Inter-School Aviation Tournament 2022 is divided into three sections. To start off, a fundamental aviation training  introduced basic knowledge of flights. 

After an aviation  knowledge test, our team, which includes 5 members,  discussed about our aviation-stem project. We underwent  a couple of flight simulation training sessions in  preparation for the final competition. The training lasted five months and I learned a great deal about aviation and synergy. 

Prior to joining the program, I was unfamiliar with flight terms and the physics principles that underpin them. I now understand many of the terms and can apply what I’ve learned in my studies. 

Furthermore, our team experienced some setbacks during the competition. However, after additional research and discussions on the subject, we collaborated and successfully completed the STEM project.

We are honored to have received the Most Comprehensive Analysis award for our project. The Most Comprehensive Analysis award is given to the candidate who has created the most all-inclusive flight report. We are extremely grateful and blessed to have been given the opportunity to participate in such an insightful competition.

Prepared by 4D01 CHAN SIK YIN HAZEL 陳晰然