The Life-wide Learning Day on March 27, 2024 offered students learning experiences in

real-life contexts and authentic settings, aiming to enhance their overall development and

foster lifelong learning skills.

Students were divided into three groups. One group visited an animal shelter in Tai Kong Po

Tsuen, Yuen Long. Students had the opportunity to interact with various animals and learn

about their care and welfare. This hands-on experience allowed them to develop empathy

and a sense of responsibility towards animals.

The other two groups of students participated in a scavenger experience in Mong Kok and

the surrounding areas. They worked in teams, solving clues and completing challenges that

encouraged problem-solving and teamwork. The scavenger experience provided a platform for students to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical and engaging manner.

Overall, the whole school “Life-wide Learning Day” was a success. Students not only gained

valuable knowledge and skills, but also developed a deeper understanding of the world

around them. We believe that these experiential learning opportunities contribute

significantly to their holistic development and prepare them for the challenges of our ever-

changing society.