The long-awaited sports day under the house system finally took place at Wan Chai Sports Ground, and it was a success. This marked a significant milestone in our school’s history as it was the first time we organized such an event using the house system. The students wholeheartedly embraced the spirit of their respective houses, creating a vibrant and competitive atmosphere throughout the day.

The sports day commenced with an energetic opening ceremony, where each house showcased their unique chants and cheers. It was a sight to behold as students proudly unveiled their house flags.

The various sporting events were held across the sports grounds, with each house competing against one another in a friendly but fiercely competitive manner. The students displayed remarkable sportsmanship, pushing themselves to their limits while cheering on their teammates. 

Indeed, the stunning performances by the house cheerleading teams played a crucial role in making the sports day a resounding success. The cheerleaders showcased their talent, creativity, and dedication, adding an extra level of excitement and energy to the event.

Beyond the competitive aspect, the sports day provided an opportunity for students to bond and forge stronger ties within their houses. The camaraderie and team spirit were palpable as students collaborated, encouraged, and celebrated each other’s achievements. The sports day concluded with a closing ceremony, where the winners were honored and applauded for their outstanding performances. The event was not only a celebration of athleticism but also a testament to the spirits of the four houses.