Lately, our school’s Math Team successfully organized the True Light Girls’ Invitational Mathematics Contest. This competition gathers mathematics enthusiasts together to solve interesting and challenging problems of different levels of difficulty. We are glad that 49 schools took part in the competition this year.

Every committee member of the Math Team worked hard to create an enjoyable experience for our participants, from setting questions to revising the solutions, and from planning the explanatory session to honing our presentation techniques. In addition, we are grateful to our receptionists and markers. Their help doubtlessly is the key to why the competition could be held successfully.

With the hard work of teachers, chairladies, committee members, and helpers, we created a hospitable environment for the participants. Before the contest started, helpers were able to handle contestants’ questions politely and professionally. In the explanatory session, with the experience of previous years, we were able to make use of note-taking apps to present our solutions clearly. It is delightful to see that contestants and their teachers were astonished by our solutions.

As the Chairlady, Sabrina claimed that the contest went smoothly with the help of teachers and vice-chairladies. “It is my first and last time to hold this contest. I am thankful for all the support and advice from our teacher-in-charge and committee members. Without their assistance, it would be impossible to run the contest well.”