This year, our English Department and Careers Guidance Team organized a special event for our S4-5 students, providing them with the incredible opportunity to meet and connect with inspiring female mentors in our community.  The aim of this mentorship programme is to empower, guide, and broaden the horizons of our students, helping them envision a brighter future and see the world in a new light.

On October 13, 2023 (Friday), we were privileged to have two accomplished and trailblazing women, Ms. Carmen Chiu, Regional Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Fortnum & Mason, and Ms. Jiaxi Fu, Executive Director, Program Manager for Equities Technology System Delivery in China/APAC at JPMorgan Chase & Co., share their remarkable experiences with our S5 students.

During the event, Ms. Chiu encouraged our girls to embrace curiosity, agility, and kindness, emphasizing the importance of doing what they love and loving what they do.  Her words deeply resonated with our students, inspiring them to fearlessly pursue their passions.  Likewise, Ms. Fu, a successful working mom, shared her journey of building trading systems while gracefully managing the challenges of motherhood, marriage, and entrepreneurship.  Her honest account of overcoming struggles left a lasting impact on our students, showcasing that it is indeed possible to excel in multiple roles.

Overall, this event provided invaluable insights and guidance to our students, laying the foundation for an enriching mentorship programme.  We sincerely hope that the stories and wisdom shared by these exceptional female role models have ignited a spark of inspiration within our students, empowering them to courageously reach for the stars and forge their own path to success.


“Let their stories inspire you, let their wisdom guide you, and let their success empower you to become the phenomenal women you were meant to be.”