Reading and Nature – Connections to the World

Reading sharing by Principal Hui

This year’s reading theme is “Reading and Nature – Connections to the World”. Principal Hui loves both reading and outings. Members of the Library Society have invited her to share her experience. During the interview, Ms Hui shared a variety of good books, videos and some reading tips. She encouraged True Light students to read about nature and the world in order to live a wonderful life.

閱讀自然 珍愛世界


本年度圖書館的閱讀主題為「閱讀自然 • 珍愛世界」,而許校長既喜愛閱讀,也時常親近大自然,圖書館學會同學特地邀請了她分享好書和郊遊的經歷。是次訪問,校長分享了相關範疇的好書及視訊,以及一些閱讀心得,非常豐富。她呼籲真光同學,從閱讀走進自然、放眼世界,從而成就精彩人生。