The HASSE Space School Virtual Programme is a motivational course that is intended to inspire students and stimulate their creativity. Students met and learned from NASA and the US space industry experts. This event was attended by 10 of our S4 and S5 girls, as well as 30 girls from three other True Light schools in Hong Kong.

Date:       23, 24, 30, 31 July and 6 August 2022

Time:      08:00 to 12:00 Online Mission with USA HASSE Space School

13:00 to 15:00 Workshop among students from four True Light schools

Venue:    True Light Girls’ College

Participants’ Afterthoughts

Gigi Chan (S5 2021-22)

I’m actually quite shy of speaking in English because I don’t think I have a lovely accent. Nonetheless, the program encouraged me to speak up more. It’s fine if you don’t know how to pronounce every word perfectly. No one would laugh at anyone as long as the idea exists. The entire program was unexpectedly encouraging, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with all of the tutors, GMs [group managers], GAs [group assistants], and my teammates. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!

It was an enjoyable experience. Everyone in the program, as previously stated, was extremely encouraging. Throughout the entire program, I did not harbor any negative feelings. There were difficulties and setbacks (particularly during the preparation of each presentation). There were quite a few! Nonetheless, I found that spending time with my teammates was surprisingly enjoyable. I am extremely pleased with the work and performance of my team.

Chloe Cheng (S5 2021-22)

I’m glad I was able to express my thoughts during discussions with my teammates.

I had a great time working with my teammates to build a space habitat and complete other tasks. I’m glad I can make new friends and learn a lot about space here!

Hailey Cheung (S4 2021-22)

I’ve made a lot of new friends and learned a lot of interesting facts and information about space. We worked together to complete our tasks and challenges.

Abby Kwok (S5 2021-22)

I learned to be self-assured rather than shy.

It is definitely rewarding because it is a field I am unfamiliar with, and I am learning new things every day. Also, thanks to the encouragement of GMs [group managers], I’ve become more confident and outspoken.

Vivian Li (S5 2021-22)

It was amazing, meaningful and unforgettable

I am able to improve my oral English and learn more about space.

Venus Man (S5 2021-22)

I met a group of truthful teammates who are all supportive and cute. I will keep my red dragon medal in my room. I have also learnt a lot more about space from speakers and online research.

…… I stepped out of my comfort zone, I typed many scripts and did much research.

Bernice Ng (S4 2021-22)

I felt like I improved my communication skills and became more outgoing

I had a great time with my groupmates. Although there were a lot of tasks, we enjoyed working together.

Keira Siu (S5 2021-22)

At first, I volunteered to be the system manager. I was super anxious and worried that I’d be shy. But someone entered the discord voice call on the very first day I said something and helped finish the mission badge, she even chatted with me. I love her so much for doing that. Later on, I wasn’t afraid to say anything in the discord group chat and I felt like I have become much more confident after the programme.

It was better than what I expected. My teammates were interesting people, I like them a lot and they were honestly my motivation to show up every day. They volunteered to help me out. I remember that once I saw someone still working on the Google document at 2 am with me, and I don’t know why but I find that very funny and quite touching.

Charis Wong (S4 2021-22)

Learning to work with others, and not micro-manage everything because there were so many tasks to finish in this program that there wasn’t enough time to control every little tiny detail, so sometimes you just had to trust yourself and your teammates that the preparation (time and effort) you put in was enough because we did our best already.

It was an amazing experience, I met some great friends, had a lot of fun and learnt a lot. There were really so many projects to be finished within so little time, so without teamwork and pushing ourselves to our limits, we would never have achieved so much. The environment was really encouraging, everyone was so supportive and friendly towards each other. This program is truly incredible.

Karina Chow (Alumna 2020) as group assistant

I learnt more about how to ask suitable questions in order to help figure out a way for the problems faced. Students were active in the activity and they learnt a lot through the talks given by the guests. They also got hands-on experience in solving the lunar habitation problems and learnt to acquire knowledge on their own with the resources provided.


Cherie Lam (Alumna 2020) as group assistant

facilitating the activities and discussions of 8 students was fun and it was inspiring to communicate with them and listen to their ideas.

My experience as a group assistant at HASSE Space School is truly inspiring. Through communicating with a team of eight students, I can observe how students discuss and brainstorm from different perspectives. I can also learn from the guest speakers and gain more knowledge about space.