On November 7, 2022 (Monday), 10 alumnae of different cohorts were invited by the Careers Guidance Team to run eight parallel sessions to share their “life after graduation” experiences and advice with our Secondary 5-6 students.  The interactive sessions not only helped our current students understand the opportunities and challenges in the workplace faced by the graduates who came before them, but more importantly they provided our past and current students with a good opportunity to strengthen their bond and support for one another.  Both our alumnae and students enjoyed the time a lot and here come some reflections from our S5-6 students:

“As a student with a dearth of practical knowledge about career paths and prospects, the sharing session did allow me to dig deeper into psychology.  In fact, what became an eye-opening discovery is that the future jobs for a psychology student are not confined to mere psychologists, but often include a wide assortment of options ranging from counselors to applied behavior analysts.  This discovery definitely dispelled my worry of the limited prospects and opportunities of studying psychology and, at the same time, inspired me to be more open-minded when it comes to choosing my university subject.” – 5C Joyce Cheung

“In our recent class teacher period, I attended an inspiring experience sharing session delivered by Judy Ng, our alumna working as an associate medical technologist.  Having listened to her sharing, not only have I been more familiar with the curriculum of Medical Laboratory Science, but I have also developed a greater interest in the subject.  Indeed, I have been profoundly inspired by her devotion to work.  Her enthusiasm expressed while sharing her working experiences has motivated me to choose my future career based on my own interest and passion.  I truly hope that one day I could be as successful as Judy is and contribute myself to the medical field, hence to the entire community.” 6C Ip Cheuk Yau