Project Morals & Money (Project M2)

Project Morals & Money (Project M2) is a social enterprise project founded by Solomon Learning Group with the aim to promote moral and financial education. The program’s goal is to encourage people to develop good financial habits and mindsets at an early age, so that they may achieve financial well-being. Three students from our school have participated in the Project M2 Leadership Program this summer vacation.

Patsy Wong Yu See from S6D having been inspired by speeches of eminent guests and the experience of completing a group project with which her group won the champion under her leadership, Patsy has learned that having a passion in what you do and being able to stay composed in the face of imminent crises are of paramount importance to success in life.

Gisela Au Hoi Ying from S5C has overcome fears associated with insecurity and unfamiliarity and turned into a more confident girl. She is now determined to apply what she has learned from the program and bring it back to our school in the hope of boosting the financial intelligence as well as moral and values of all True Lighters.

Crystal Tsang Hei Yiu from S5D was greatly inspired by the Project M2 experience, which has exposed her to a wide range of knowledge pertaining to different industries in society. She is determined to keep learning and working diligently so that she can contribute to making Hong Kong a better place.

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