On October 21, 2023, two Red Cross teams competed in the Wan Chai District’s First Aid competition at the headquarters. Based on the simulated emergency scenes, team members must use relevant first aid skills for rescue. Our two teams got the first runner-up and second runner-up respectively. Congralulations.

The team members are as follows.

First runner-up:

4B Ho Hiu Kei

4C Au Hoi Shuen

4C Chan Yin Hang

4C Cheng Sze Hang

4D Lee Yuan Yu

5C Leung Wai Ki Vickie

5D Chan Wai Yee

5D Fung Yuet Kiu Caron

Second runner-up:

3A Tse On Yee

3B Kwok Wing Sum Sammy

3B Woo Wing Chi

3D So Ho Shuen

3D Tang Ying Kiu

3D Wong Ching Tung

5C Chan Ching Yiu

5C Yip Ring Tone