ICE Challenge 2022 – Ozaria SheCreates Competition First Runner-up

3B08        FUNG YUET KIU CARON 馮乙翹


Fascinated by the boundless and complex nature of computer coding, I’ve always longed to indulge in its wonders. When our STEAM Team teachers brought the Ozaria Competition up, I agreed to join it at an instant.

I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Caprikon Education for allowing me to seize this invaluable opportunity. Not only did the Ozaria Competition provide me with a platform to practice Python, but also allowed me to strengthen my analysing and problem-solving skills.

I still recall the fulfilling week that I spent on this competition. I was far too ambitious with the story planning, and ended up biting more than I could chew. While a myriad of choices could bring liveliness to the story, it brought many issues that were difficult to overcome. Fortunately, I had received the assistance of my friends, who helped me point out the underlying bugs of the game.

With their feedback, I was able to refine my story and add a special touch to it — multiple endings. The endings of the story change according to the decisions made by players. Though I had coded a ‘choice’ feature before, it still took me quite a while to bring it to perfection.

Aside from learning more about Python, taking part in the Ozaria competition also allowed me to think critically and logically. It was a valuable and worthwhile experience.