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The first "TLamp Mentorship Programme" was officially launched in April 2011, initially targeted at the students in the Fifth Form in the first year, then was extended to the Fourth Form in the following years. We hope to match the school graduates and the students together as small groups of mentor and mentees, so that mentees are able to learn more about the society via accessing their mentors' lives. Through broadening their horizons, providing food for thought, improving interpersonal skills, as well as finding out their personal goals, the students are therefore prepared for their future, either to pursue further studies or join the community. Mentors, in addition, get the chance to thank our alma mater by taking practical actions, such as, providing mentees with advices on academic issues and career path, and also sharing their valuable life experience. Meanwhile, through mutual contact, mentors can sometimes be inspired by the new generation on thoughts and values towards live.

Through various activities, including: career talks, the sharing of work experience from different industries, communication skills and social etiquette training, mentors and mentees are encouraged to exchange their views, through dinner, panel discussions, emails, phone calls, MSN, Facebook and so on.

Whether you are working in any industry at present or in the past, you are welcome to join us as a Mentor of TLamp, as long as you are the alumnae of True Light Middle School Graduates and would like to share your experiences and exposures to our younger sisters in the school. Please complete the application form and email to tlamphk@gmail.com. Should you have any inquiries, please contact Miss Prisca Lam at 25760703. For any further information regarding principles and guidelines, please refer to "TLamp Mentors Handbook" .

Criteria for applying TLamp Mentors:
Alumnae of True Light Middle School Graduates

Principles & Guidelines:
Principles and Guidelines are printed on the "Handbook".