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Objectives of TLamp

The objectives for establishing True Light Alumni Mentorship Programme "TLamp" is to provide students with opportunities to look beyond the classroom and learn more about the work and life experiences sharing from the Mentors, who are the alumnae of True Light.

Through different meetings and activities, students can increase their exposure to different aspects and be better equipped to prepare for their future career and/or life-long learning plan.

TLamp is more than an acronym for True Light Alumni Mentorship Programme. It is related to our school motto: Thou art the Light of the World (Matthew 5:14) which encourages True Light girls to become the "light of the world", the future light-bearers and seed-sowers of the Christian faith.

TLamp pairs up one mentor, who is our alumna, with one to two mentees, who are currently S4 True Light students. Various activities will be arranged in the calendar year, such as career talks, career sharing sessions, communication trainings, etiquette trainings etc. Students can broaden their horizons, explore their preferences in different industries, and polish their interpersonal skills as well as understanding the importance of creativity, innovation, self-sacrifice, concern for others and the pursuit of excellence.

Vission & Mission

Unleash the potential of the True Light Girls and bring out the best in their future.

To act as a bridge between school & community through experience and knowledge sharing by Mentors, to better prepare the Mentees for their long-term personal and career development in life.

TLamp Committees

Position Name
Honorary Chairman 許端蓉校長
Chairman 陳紅 Regina
Vice Chairman 毛慧敏 Rose
Vice Chairman 李敏庭 Marlene
Program Advisor / Training 李達賢 Mary
Secretary 梁禮彤 Sue
Secretary 鄧苡芯Cyann
IT 李敏儀 Diana
Promotion 張懿雯 Ammily
Promotion 阮羚煒 Bonnie
PR Communication 黃秀儀 Shirley
PR Communication 曾婉真 Rimen
PR Communication 劉慧燕 Maggie
Logistics 萬玉鳴 Arita
Logistics 陳慧華 Viva
School and Mentee Key 林佩華老師 Prisca

TLamp Sub-committee: Training

Position Name
Program Advisor / Training 李達賢 Mary
陳紅 Regina
Sin Che Kwan Karen
張泳瀅 Anita
郭嘉敏 Carmen