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Morning assembly on the theme of social innovation (24-9-2020)

On 24th September, 2020, for the National Education Assembly, we were honoured to have invited World Vision to speak on the topic of “Social Innovation for the Future- innovative designs and technologies”. The talk revolved around the issues on how social innovations have improved the quality of life among the socially-disadvantaged; the need to be people-oriented in the whole design and innovation process; and students were encouraged to build up their awareness and take actions to respond to the needs of the needy.

The talk was inspiring and students responded with good feedbacks. Some of the highlights of students’ feedbacks and reflections were presented as below:













“Seeing people from the society like designers, scientists etc work to together in order to improve the lives of those people in need, make me feel like we all are a big family.”

現在明白到科技的偉大和重要, 而且可以在意想不到的地方, 運用一些想像力, 便可以以普通簡單的物料幫助到人們, 我真的十分佩服他們,並且希望更多有需要的人可以得到幫助。

“Innovation can be based on some ready-made materials as well. It is less difficult than we thought and they just appear in our daily lives and we just need to think more.”

“This assembly is like introducing me to another drastically different world and makes me find interest in social innovation and what they will have for not only the poor, but also our society. ”

“There is a lot more that we can do for other people in need around the world. It is something other than just simple donation but we can take better actions after considering the conditions of the needy.”

“Discussion with people from all walks of life can always spark some new ideas and different points of view so one of the most essential characters students should possess in the 21st century is communication and collaboration with people.”



World Vision Speaker sharing on social innovation.

World Vision Speaker sharing on social innovation - case study on refugee home designed by IKEA.


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