During the Lunar New Year holiday, the library society held an online book-buying activity. Participants could select books from one of the recommended online bookstores. Our members are usually quite shy and introverted. Therefore, when I interviewed the participants about which books they had chosen, I was prepared for awkward silence. Unexpectedly, after being invited, one of the girls shared that the book she chose, originally borrowed from her friend, was the reason why she fell in love with reading. She wanted to add it to the library so that more people could enjoy it. She also repeatedly stressed how great the book was, which delighted me.

Afterwards, another participant also shared that she recently grew interested in Japanese literature. As a result, she wanted to add Japanese translated novels to the library.

Although I may not know about the authors and books they mentioned, I was moved by their excitement when they talked about their favourite books. Their enthusiastic responses made the event very fruitful.


5D Siu Ho Yuet