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2020-2021 School Calendar

S.1A S.1B S.1C S.1D

S.2A S.2B S.2C S.2D
S.3A S.3B S.3C S.3D
S.4A S.4B S.4C S.4D
S.5A S.5B S.5C S.5D
S.6A S.6B S.6C S.6D

There are 24 classes ranging from S.1 to S.6









No. of classes








Our school uses English as the medium of instruction. English is the medium of instruction at all levels apart from classes in Chinese Language, Chinese Literature, Chinese History, Putonghua and some cultural subjects.
Apart from that, we also emphasize the teaching of Chinese Language and Putonghua. Through the NET scheme, English Centres, Chinese and English Extensive Reading Scheme, drama classes, recital competitions, English weeks, Putonghua Weeks and overseas study tours, we hope that our students can achieve the aim of “biliteracy and trilingualism”.
In order to nurture a new generation of fine young ladies who are devoted to God, love others, love their families and have a strong sense of commitment and responsibility to Hong Kong, China and the world, the curriculum design of our school has the following characteristics :

  • Emphases on the “moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual” education for the whole-person development of our students.
  • Apart from the eight Key Learning Areas, the Class Teacher’s period. Life Education, Assembly and Activity lessons, are designed to include the Christian education, civic and moral education, sex, family and health education, environmental and media education and other miscellaneous themes.
  • In addition to a formal curriculum, extra-curricular activities provide balanced learning experiences including life experiences, intellectual development, social service, physical development, aesthetic development as well as work-related experiences.

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