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香港真光中學 - 家長教師聯誼會盃邀請賽

香港真光中學 - 家長教師聯誼會盃邀請賽

首次舉辦家長教師聯誼會盃邀請賽已於2014年3月29日順利舉行, 活動目的提供交流的機會,藉此維繫學生對運動的興趣,學習與實踐運動精神,團隊精神,更可以擴濶社交以及自我提升的好機會。是次比賽共有8間學校113學生參加比賽,參加比賽運動員爭持激烈,現場氣氛熱鬧。活動得以成功舉辦,得到香港真光中學家長教師聯誼會全力支持和資助,加上各友校校長、老師與體育推廣主任的鼎力協助,活動得以順利舉行。


Enchanted Storytelling Experiences to Entrance Students

Enchanted Storytelling Experiences to Entrance Students

Nicky Bingham, a renowned performance storyteller form Britain brought our S1 and S2 students rewarding sensory experiences through her narration of two stories: ‘Prosperina and the King of the Underworld’ (a Greek myth) and ‘the Apple of Life’ (a story from ‘Arabian Nights’) on March 13, 2014. The performance storytelling was visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory, which ignited students’ imagination and allowed them to fly with their minds.


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English Week 2014

Sports Day 2013

Sports Day 2013

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Busker Carnival 2013

Busker Carnival 2013

The True Light fountain area has turned into an Italian restaurant during lunch on 14 November. More than twenty S1-5 students from the English Drama Group acted in the play. They acted either as the customers or waitresses in the restaurant. They created their roles by writing their own parts of the script, but were also ready to improvise and interact with the audience who could enter the scene by acting as other customers in the restaurant. It was a real challenge for our actresses to stay so close to the audience, but they were all very focused and did a remarkable job startling our audience towards the end of the play. Audience was invited to enter a lucky draw by answering a few questions about the play. Each winner received a present from the English Drama Group. Congratulations to the following winners, and thank you for your support!

1A Lam Ho Yee
1A Joyce Cheung
1B Maisie Yeung
1D Wong Yi Ting
2C Yan Ka Hei
2C Iris Cheung
3C Emily Ho
3C Jolie Ng
3D Khasiba
5C Flora Lee


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