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Liberal Studies Seminar - Does Property Tyranny exist in Hong Kong

Liberal Studies Seminar:
Does Property Tyranny exist in Hong Kong?

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Aesthetic Festival

Aesthetic Festival


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真光140周年校慶 活動花絮
 真光140周年校慶 活動花絮

2011-12 Higher Order Thinking Quiz

Participants performed well in the Quiz on HOT. Students showed good reasoning power in their though

The major concern of our school in these three years (2009-12) has been training students to “think actively” through the promotion of higher-order thinking. After years of training and practice, we designed a Higher Order Thinking (HOT) quiz to be held in the activity period to assess the students’ higher-order thinking skills. Different subject panels were invited to set higher-order thinking tasks and questions for testing the students’ thinking skills ranging from categorization to opinion-making. This morning, three teams comprising students of different forms participated in the quiz. It was impressive that the participating teams responded promptly to the quick-response questions and gave logically-reasoned answers to the open-ended questions. Their prompt responses and well-elaborated opinion illustrate that our three years of training and practices have reaped some fruit of success.

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中國歷史科 - 辛亥百周年活動系列:觀賞「風雨橫斜」歷史劇




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Sichuan Exchange Tour

Sichuan Exchange Tour

To help student know more about Modern China and to understand the school life of the Sichuan students, Vice-principal Kwong and Ms. Leung took 20 Form 1 students to Sichuan. The following photos are the records of the students’ footprints in Sichuan.


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